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E-Commerce/ M-Commerce

Main difference between E-commerce and M-commerce is nothing but the purpose and usage of the service. E-commerce can help you to highlight your business services and sell those online using website, this website is called E-commerce website. While on other side M-commerce is something which let users or customer buys services using mobile application, this app comes with all the shopping features where user can shop with ease and comfort.

Now, how this can help you improve your business!

E-commerce development

  • Edit and remove feature to enlist product or service
  • Default address data for different billing and shipping addresses
  • Search product feature to search particular product or service
  • Easy navigation through entire website
  • Secure transaction features with high end cyber security feature
  • Push notification enable for customer about new product or service
  • Hassle free shopping with wide range of options
  • SEO based website to increase traffic and uplift website ranking.
  • Secure payment gateway for different payment methods
  • 24*7 assistance and instant query solving service.

M- Commerce Development

  • Direct visual of push notification for customer about new products, discount offers and others.
  • Easy marketing to drag user for application
  • Easy to maintain business sales record and transactions
  • Maintain record of shipment and orders of products
  • Quick and effective way to maintain relationship with client consistently
  • Support multiple store and services like, shopping, money transaction, payment etc.
  • Easy to handle and maintain application.
  • Can be used on any platform.
  • 24*7 availability of assistance with ease of query solution.

We at Diyan technologies, never compromise with the quality of service we offer. Our experts here holds years of experience and have expertise to offer the best E-commerce and M-commerce