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ERP & CRM Development

Difference between ERP & CRM development.

ERP is basically a system which minimize the human efforts and manual work in business process, it cut down the cost of maintaining paper work as well as data maintaining efforts. While on other side CRM is something which is used to exchange information within employees of the business, it is helpful to raise the sales and generate more revenue in business.

Advantages of ERP

  • Managing distribution of business reports.
  • Database access related to provided business services.
  • Precise storage of financial information.
  • Improved planning of business services.
  • Over half of the business assessment handling.
  • Easy maintenance and support.

Advantages of CRM

  • Planning for marketing.
  • Organised sales flow of business.
  • Time tracking of converting leads in to deals.
  • Overview of sales process.
  • Customer service without manual effort.
  • Interaction record of customer and company and many more…